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Trash is a pervasive problem for aesthetic, economic, and ecological impacts. The Texas coastline is bombarded by trash coming from several outlets of rivers. The Adopt-A-Spot Online Mapping Tool Project was created by a diverse group of stakeholders within the river basin with the goal of fostering a litter-free environment in the Trinity River Basin by enabling community leaders to promote and track trash removal activities in their region. The project steering committee has contracted The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment staff at Texas State University to develop thisproject website and mapping tool.

Click around the interactive adopt-a-spot online mapping tool above to find available adopt-a-spots in your area. If you'd like to look up specific sites at a specific location or address, click here.

* Trash Free Trinity is continuously updating and adding information as it is becoming available to us.




The Trinity River Watershed “Adopt-a-Spot” site and Online Mapping Tool Project was created to foster a litter-free environment in the Trinity River Basin and track trash removal activities.




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